Special Events & Fundraising

TNS loves to host special events for students and their families. We also organize a few fun and exciting fundraisers in order to support our school and keep tuition costs low. These events add to students’ positive experience at TNS and help maintain the fun-loving, caring, and family-oriented culture we nurture. Please explore the list below for more information on some of our events and fundraisers.

Special Events

In October, we host a “Parents’ Night,” which is an opportunity for parents to enjoy some coffee/tea and refreshments while they get to know each other. The teachers present what the children have been learning so far and what they will soon delve into learning. The instructors also discuss the curriculum in more detail. They sing songs, read a story, and demonstrate other activities that the children do during the day at school. It’s a wonderful glimpse into the kinds of things our children participate in at school, and also a great way to see the teachers “in action.”

Mid-year, we coordinate a “Family Movie Night” held at Canton Public Library. We provide popcorn and drinks; the children bring a pillow, blankets and stuffed animal and are encouraged to arrive in pajamas. It’s fun time for our preschool children, their siblings, and their parents.

In the spring, we have an “Ice Cream Social,” inviting all students and their families to enjoy and participate in some musical entertainment and ice cream sundaes! This is a fun way for families to mingle and watch their children interact with their classmates. We also invite the new students who will be starting the following year, which is an opportunity to get to know the school and meet some future classmates.

In May, we host an “End-of-the-Year Picnic” at Mills Pond in Canton for all of the students and families. The day begins with a ride through Canton on a real school bus, and continues with plenty of activities, games and picnic lunches!During the year, we also have special school days, such as “Pajama Day!,” where we all get to dress up in coziest PJs, and “Bring Your Own Picnic Day,” where we all bring our lunches and enjoy a picnic out on the playground. The teachers and children also arrange a Mother’s Day, where the moms are invited to come to class and receive a wonderful surprise. Father’s Day also is celebrated, where the children bring their dads to school on a Saturday morning for a fun-filled activity.

In addition, we have a few special field trips that are planned for both the three- and four-year-old programs. In the past, trips have included a fall visit to The Pickin’ Patch in Avon, with a hayride and pumpkin picking. We also have planned spring visits to Flamig Farm in Simsbury to meet the animals, and exploring trips to Roaring Brook Nature Center in Canton.


Fundraisers throughout the year support our school. The funds raised from these events offset daily operating expenses and go toward improving our facility (playground improvement, classroom materials and more). In order to keep the cost of tuition to a minimum, we reply on our entire TNS families’ support and participation.